DM Acts Law Office’s Mining and Energy Laws services include:

  • Advising on mining, petroleum, gas and other energy issues’ conditions, regulations and exceptions in Ethiopia.
  • Advising clients or domestic and foreign investors on mining and energy sector investments in Ethiopia.
  • Advising on specific business engagements in mining and energy sector, such as small-scale and large scale mining, precious minerals, construction minerals, metallic minerals, and gas and petroleum operations.  
  • Negotiating and drafting Mining and Energy Agreements in Ethiopia.
  • Assisting clients to meet mining and energy sector investment requirements in Ethiopia.
  • Assisting clients in fulfilling tax requirements for mining and energy investment in Ethiopia.
  • Representing clients in Mining and Petroleum Authority, Environmental Authorities, Tax Authorities, Investment Authorities, Customs Authorities, Court, Arbitration and other Tribunals.