Dawit and Mussie Law Office’s Civil Laws services include:

  1. Advising on Ethiopia’s family, succession, contract, extra-contractual liability, unlawful enrichment, agency, sales, administrative contract and other civil laws.
  2. Drafting various agreements on family issues (paternity, marriage, child adoption, maintenance, custody and guardianship).
  3. Negotiating and drafting agreements on various contracts of obligation, succession, sales, agency, and administrative/public contracts.
  4. Assisting clients on succession issues (succession with deceased’s will or without deceased’s will), including worthiness, priority, certificate of successors, deceased’s property liquidation, and distribution and handing over.
  5. Drafting settlement agreements on contracts of obligation, extra-contractual liability, unlawful enrichment, family, succession, sales, and agency.
  6. Representing clients in civil matters in Government Offices, Court, Arbitration, Tribunals and other Alternative Dispute Settlement Mechanisms.